Memories and Personals

This page is set aside for the stories, memories, experiences, interactions and/or just something interesting about our mates who we served time with in 111 LAA Bty for that brief period in history between 1964 and 1966.
It could be something sad, something funny, coincidental or just plain surrealistic.
Stories need to be told and recorded for posterity or they will be lost forever. Who knows, 20 or 50 years down the track our kids kids may want to find out about "their hero - granddad " who served in the Army.

Peter Brosnan

Who is Peter Brosnan and why write about him?.

Peter came to Australia on 9th June, 1960 as a 10 immigrant from mother England.

On the 25th July, 1962 whilst in Adelaide he joined the Army and met Barry Hobby who was also enlisting at the time - this was to remain a long and lasting friendship for both of them throughout their Army career.

They both went to Puckapunyal, School of Artillery, Wacol, and then 4Fld Regiment and served time in 105Bty.

Photo: Danny Brosnan Photo: Danny Brosnan

They both joined 111 LAA Bty prior to embarkation and served some time on Dave Young's gun in Malaya.
Eventually Peter was moved to Control Troop and became Simon Hearders' driver throughout the rest of his time in Malaya.

Peter returned to Australia from Malaya and was discharged at South Head, Watsons Bay on 26th July, 1965.
He met and married Anita and they had a son. The family returned to England in October, 1974 and Peter eventually became the Harbour Master on the Thames river in the Greater London area, and just recently became the Richmond Lock controller.

Peter's son returned to Australia in 1990 and joined the Army and was posted to RAAOC where he stayed until his discharge in 1997, and eventually moved to Canberra.



It was a fateful day, in the later part of 1998, that I was working in a Canberra shopping mall when I heard the' booming' voice of Ray Hartigan sing out "is your name Ziggy Zangl?".

And that's when it all began for me and became a 'high' culminating in the first Reunion I attended in Coolangatta on 18th July 1999.

This started my interest in creating a Web site for 111LAA Bty.
At about this time my daughter Lara was dating a 'Pommy' guy called Danny 'something-or-another' - and my interest in my daughters' suitors was the least thing on my mind.

One evening when I was working on my computer putting the "Mug Shots" together, Danny and I struck up a conversation about why I was putting together this 111/Malaya' web thingy' when he said that his father had served in the Artillery.
With courteous indifference I said "what's your dad's name and where did he serve"?'. He replied with; " Peter Brosnan and Borneo or Malaya, sometime in the late 60's".
I think I may have grunted an acknowledgment of sorts and continued work.

At this stage I was still sorting the list of those who went to Malaya..... when I tripped across a
" P Brosnan " in the mug shots.
An air of coincidental disbelieve came over me and I asked Danny 'is your name Brosnan?'.
He said yes and I showed him the photo of Peter... he said "shit - that’s my dad".
Photo: Ziggy
Anyway Danny and Lara got married on the 25th March 2000. Lara & Danny: Photo Ziggy
In 2001 (the year of the Veteran) two announcements where made by Government. First was the fact that 'War Service' was extended to include some of us who went to Malaya during the 'Konfrontasi' up to August 1965 and were entitled to the ASM and the AASM. Secondly, all Veterans where entitled to a free Australian flag and a certificate from 'A Grateful Nation' signed by your (and no doubt - your favourite) local member.
It was now late December 2001. I asked Danny if he could get in touch with his dad and ask if he knew of these recent events.... No Peter new nothing about it.
So I made inquiries about getting Peter his entitlements.
As I was going overseas to see my father in Austria in April, I was prepared to make a side trip to see my now 'brother-in-law' and to give him his Medals and things.
There was no problem with the certificate or flag, but there was a potential problem getting his medals, and I would acknowledge the help I received from Ron Horton and his team in expediting the issuing of the Medals in time for my departure.
Peter receiving his medals from Ziggy

Anyway, I eventually got to England and met up with Peter and gave him his 'presents'.

Peter receiving his certificate from Ziggy
Peter and medals

Brother-In-Laws Peter and Ziggy

Good health Peter and best wishes from your old mates.

April, 2002

Peter proudly displays his medals





Lara Danny