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16th Air Defence Regiment
16th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment was raised at Woodside on the 2nd of June 1969 by the amalgamation of the 111th and 110th Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries when they returned from Malaysia
Confrontation in Indonesia 1964 - 1966 - Australian War Memorial
The official history of the 'Confrontation'
This whole site is one big E-mail address book, for those who served or are serving. An excellent site listing Australian Military Units and who served in them. To list your name in your unit, you only need to let them know.

Confrontation (1963-1966) 'The Borneo Banyan' - The Gun Plot
The Naval history during 'Confrontation'. Of particular interest is the piece concerning HMAS Sydney (troop carrier) and the two escorts HMAS Parramatta and Yarra.
Locating Artillery Association
An association of former personnel who have served and current personnel serving in a Locating Artillery unit or a Locating Artillery role and other people with experience or interests in Artillery Locating (Surveillance and Target Acquisition)
The History Of The Australian Slouch Hat
The Australian Army's slouch hat, made famous by several generations of Diggers, has become a national symbol. All over the world Australian soldiers are recognized readily by the wide-brimmed felt hat with the left side cocked up and displaying the Rising Sun badge.

National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association, Inc.
A history of the formation of the NM & BVA, and membership details. There is also an excellent book reference listing for those who have a broader interest in military history of Malaya

A chronological outline of the Malayan Emergency - DVA
This site details the Malayan Emergencies during the period 1950 - 1967. Some maps are also included of particular Malayan States
1 LAA RAF Squadron
1 SQN RAF REG unit shared much of our time and MCRU/LAACP and OP's duties with Control Troop. In April 1965 we both took part in Exercise "GUNNEX ONE" , where we had all guns deployed. Simulated attack were launched by CANBERRA BOMBERS & SABRE aircraft for this exercise.

A site to purchase badges, patches, plaques and medals.


The Australian Digger
This site has something for every 'Digger'
The Australian Honours System Why do we give honours and awards?
In its broadest sense, to "honour" is to celebrate, and an 'award' is anything that has been conferred on, or presented to, a person to honour and reward them for exceptional merit of the most varied kind and character.